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Manon D. Gauthier

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I am fascinated by the beauty and complexity of the figure. I work mainly in clay because I find it best for interpreting the human form: it allows me the flexibility to express the dynamism of the body, pushing movements in constant exploration.


I choose to work with the human form not only because it’s a challenge to properly execute, but it’s also a form of meditation where I can reflect upon my own humanity, understand myself and evolve as a person and as an artist.  The human figure is as complex as the feelings it conceals. It’s hard or supple; it has its ups and downs. However the human body is represented, or the portrait is executed, it will never fail to attract people who will instinctively identify with the artwork.


Figurative art touches people. There’s no ambiguity about what is represented through the human form, whether it’s a full body depicted in all its glorious beauty, or whether it’s the portrait of a total stranger. No matter what it is, we recognize that there’s a story behind the form, something waiting to be discovered. We all possess the instinct to capture the meaning of body language and the subtleties of facial expressions, whether we recognize that instinct or not – this is what defines us as human beings, this wide spectrum of emotions some embrace and others repress.  Appealing to that instinct, I attempt to communicate with my viewers in a way that remains personal.


The blend of realism and stylization in my work opens a vision on one’s dreams, and the “what it might be” should someone explore her or his own dreams.  Through my sculptures, I strive to reveal beyond the mirror of the eyes, the soul that is buried inside each of us; to have it speak through the forms and posture of the body or through the gaze and facial expression of the portrait, and reveal a life that touches us.


This human connection is what motivates me to do my work, and hopefully bring the viewers on the same journey of exploration and share with them my moments of creation.